amir Bassir
از on تیر 3, 2019

با سلام!

با افتخار، برای اولین بار در ایران سایت گلدن گیت، به آخرین ورژن تبدیل شد.

امکانات جدید و باگ ها رفع شدند. برنامه های اصلی به آخرین ورژن تبدیل شدند که خلاصه ای از کارهای انجام شده را در پایین می توانید ببینید:

We gradually advanced phpFox functionalities to meet any needs and demands based on clients’ feedbacks. You can find some highlighted key improvements from the list below:
– Support responsive layout in AdminCP

– Ability to add custom Gender

– Can show blocks on the Landing page

– Able to tag friends when sharing photos and videos on feed

– Allow Admin to Enable/Disable countries instead of deleting them.

– Support to restore Theme design when upgrading Platform or template.

– Allow sorting users list to only friends.

– Update and remove unused/unnecessary scripts in several core sections.

– Make phrases on Friend module clearer and understandable

– Support CKEditor on Contact Us form

– Display warning popup when a user is redirected to external links

– Users can edit status having Photo/Video/Link

– Users can fitter by online users when browsing Users on front-end

Since the last release, we are continuously tweaking and improving the platform to meet any needs and demands based on clients’ feedbacks. Some highlighted key improvements in this release are:

– Responsive embedded videos in blog posts.

– Message to indicate if a profile is Private.

– Support better multi-language feature.

– Update language & phrases.

Fixed Issues
Aside from the improvements to current features, we also make sure user experiences. This is leveled up by eliminating all the reported issues in this release. Some of the highlights fixed issues include:
– Can’t access installed apps if phpFox Store is down or unavailable.

– Thumbnail image of user profile doesn’t update until clearing the cache.

– Can’t cancel or save cover photo when repositioning.

– Privacy settings are reverted when update Profile menu settings.

– The deactivated menu will be re-activated after re-arranging menu order.

– Site-wide block 3 or 10 positions in unusual places after refreshing the page.

– Duplicated feeds after sharing a post on a friend’s wall.

– Tag users appear on feeds even these users set privacy settings.

– Don’t show custom gender on profile cover.

– If post hashtag combines with URL, there is no space between them.

– Redirect to wrong Pages/Group when clicking on the notification.

– A user can view all status with a link without having view privacy.

– Status with a link on a page still displays after removing.

– Have an issue with displaying custom fields on the User Profile page

– Not all friends are suggested when tagging or mentioning friends on feed

– Status option isn’t updated after sending or confirming friend request.

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تیر 4, 2019
amir Bassir
ممنون مهران جان
تیر 4, 2019
(مدیر داخلی)mehran
تیر 4, 2019
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خداقوت رفیق
تیر 4, 2019
amir Bassir
سلام خانم ساناز، ممنون از شما
تیر 4, 2019
سلام بر شما مدیران
پس چرا به من همش این جمله میاید (تایید پروفایل)
ایا گروه مدیریت باید پروفایل منو تایید کنه؟یا من بلد نیستم کارایی انجام بدم؟
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تیر 12, 2019